Tips for Healthy Holidays

December 18, 2013

It feels like December is in full swing now in New York City, with snow and colder temps too. I hope that you’re feeling the festive spirit, wherever you plan to be for the rest of the year! I always get a little nostalgic when we enter into the last month of the year.

There seems to be a common theme in questions I’m getting from readers lately, “how do I keep on track with healthy eating during the holidays?” This is the best time of year to practice good eating habits, and a little self-care in action.

My Top Tips for Healthy Holidays:

Plan ahead. Set yourself up for success by planning meals/snacks ahead of time so there is more time to create space for other things that are to be enjoyed during the holiday season. You’ll be prepared to stay in line with your goals and path.

Eat Mindfully. We’re all on the go, especially during the holidays, but we need to slow down. A food journal is a terrific tool to help you monitor meals. Try to not hurry, watch your portions and skip seconds – and you may just realize you don’t need them after all. Exercising mindful eating is a true practice and power once you’ve gotten nailed down, constantly check in with yourself and ask how truly hungry you are.

Eat your greens and veggies.  They’re full of water, fiber, nutrients galore and taste amazing. Try adding in a raw vegetable salad, raw veggie sticks, etc., to the very start of your meals.

Be in the now. The holidays are busy and stressful times for most people — with work, gift shopping, special get-togethers, and all kinds of other events; so, it’s a wonder how one stays calm through it all. The secret to survival — and, in fact, to having a wonderful time during these holidays and any stressful situation — is to stay in the moment, as much as possible.

Move your body. Stay active and move your body every day, which helps relieve stress, regulate appetite, increase metabolism and boost your mood. Take a bike ride, walk your dog, join a fitness class, dance, practice some stress-relieving yoga, or hike with friends.

I hope these tips are helpful for you this holiday season, but more importantly these are tips to carry with you for life!


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Do you have any tips for staying on a healthy track this month?


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