Açaí Smoothie

October 25, 2012

Personally I need routine and especially a morning one. It helps me to feel grounded and stable – two things that are vital to my overall wellness. There is something quite special about creating space in the morning for you to experience just for yourself. Lacing up my sneakers and hitting the pavement first thing in the morning is (nearly) the daily norm for me. After completing my morning training session I feel alert and ready for the day. With the Dublin Marathon only four days away, I’m tapering on the training while loading up on tons of nutrients.

Want to know my secret weapon? Meet my latest obsession, the Açaí Smoothie! Açaí (pronounced “Ah-Sigh-EE”) is a Brazilian superfruit berry that grows on palm trees in Central and South America. It tastes like a mix between bitter chocolate and blueberries and it has the highest content of antioxidants in any fruit.

Often touted as a “superfood” by marketers, these berries have high levels of antioxidants that protect cells, reduce the effects of aging and may decrease the risk of some diseases (including heart disease and cancer). But beyond their antioxidant benefits, I enjoy açaí berries because of their rich and almost chocolatey flavor. The berries have a unique but delicious taste – and, they make for a great breakfast, dessert or post-workout snack.


Açaí Smoothie

Vegan, Raw & Gluten-free
Makes 1 large smoothie


  • 2 tsp. Açaí powder
  • 1 cup non-dairy milk, water or juice (I used water)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 apple, cored and sliced
  • 1 cup frozen berries (I used raspberries)
  • sprinkle of hemp seeds (optional)


  1. Combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy!

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  • i’m the exact same way. my morning routine is my number one priority when it comes to my overall wellbeing. i don’t mess with it.

    i used to get the acai frozen pints and eat it every morning with sliced banana and granola on top. it was so. good. this smoothie looks and sounds delicious, and is definitely a great way to start the day!

    good luck at the marathon, i’m sure you’ll do great! be sure to write a post about it, and include pictures in all of your glory ;)

    • Katie

      I’ve never been much of a morning person until I started incorporating relaxing activities in the mornings to ease into the day. Glad we can both relate to having some kind of routine with our mornings. It’s always better to start the day off on the right foot. I wish I could find acai frozen pints in my area.. they sound delicious!

      Aww, thank you so much Caitlin for the kind and positive words :) Really means a lot to me. I’m anxious for the race alright, but mostly excited! (And probably a little crazy for being excited to run 26.2 miles!) ;) I’ll be sure to share a few photos from the race. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. xx

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  • thanks for this red smoothie. Mine was definitely more of a dark red color, but yummy nonetheless. I adored it!